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 The subject site is conveniently located on Wharncliffe Rd. nearest the intersection of Southdale and Wharncliffe, within the immediate vicinity of three of London’s four highest incomes per household areas.  Wharncliffe Rd. is known as a destination centre for all your home furnishing and decorating needs.  This is clearly demonstrated by the existence of some of the more recognizable home furnishing and decorating stores in the industry, some of which we have identified on the attached aerial photo. The subject location is located across the street from Leon’s Furniture, and directly beside the future home of Tepperman’s Furniture.  Lastman’s Bad Boy Furniture opened their doors for business in the summer of 2007 receiving an overwhelming response from the community of Londonresulting in their best opening to date, ousting previous markets such as Toronto, Mississauga, North York and Barrie. Giant Carpet & Flooring and Children’s Furniture Gallery both opened for business in late 2007 and have been very successful to date. Our recent signing of The Brick& Goemans Appliances is sure to make this Centre a very attractive spot for future tenants. Furniture stores, kitchen & bath stores, appliance stores, BBQ, patio, hot tub and outdoor leisure stores, audio stores, paint stores, lighting stores, décor stores, restaurants, banks, automotive supply stores & any stores that have any part at all in the home renovation/decoration market are being contacted about this wonderful opportunity.  Our goal is to develop the most recognized Home Furniture/Decoration Centre in Southwestern Ontario.

  • Current Tenants:  The Brick, Children’s Furniture Gallery, Lastman’s Bad Boy Furniture, and Goemans Appliances.
  • Former Home Depot Site – Renovated into a retail shopping centre.
  • Located on Automobile/Furniture Row – Prime location for all tenants related to both of these industries.
  • Large residential development in immediate area.
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